Done, Now for the Fun! Graduation Party Ideas

Roll Call! Who has a graduate in the house this year?? After all that has happened, there is no better time to party than the present… (of course, as city regulations permit)… especially for someone who is graduating after years and years of hard work and studying. I was so lucky to be able to partner up with Festively on a Graduation Styled Shoot to bring you all the ideas you need to plan an amazing graduation and to find all that you need in one spot. They have made it so easy and seamless and have also provided tips on how to make it a safe party as well.

Please head on over to Festively’s Ultimate Guide to Planning a Grad Party for all the best ideas and tips.

For all the items that Festively has to offer for graduations, including our products, and amazing vendors please visit their website.

Here is a sneak peek of what wonderful goodies you will find….

Start the festivities off right with custom invitations highlighting the school your graduate is graduating from or what school they are off to.

Graduation Invitation

Add personal touches to the party with advice and wishes cards to give some words of wisdom to the graduate. You can also put a party favor tag to thank your guests and personalized water bottles. Signage and menus are also great ways to make the party extra special.

Don’t forget to get gifts for the graduate to make them truly feel extra special and remind them that everyone is here to celebrate their achievements and success. Gifts like personalized graduation cap art, vision boards, leis, graduation cap designs, cakes and wine to spoil the honoree.

And we cannot forget about one of the most important things of all. You can’t have a party without a place to hold it. Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California did not disappoint. The view was breathtaking and the space was magical and airy. So majestic!

None of this could have been done without the amazing team below. Feel free to check any of them out and show them some small business love and don’t forget to head on over to Festively and our site for everything you need!

Maroon and Gold Bishop Alemany High School Graduation Party

Styled shoot hosts: @sofestively
Event Planner: @inthecloudsevents ⁠
Photography: @midtonestudio ⁠
Signage, Stationary & Gifts: @ladesignboutique ⁠
Balloon arch: @ohwowballoondecor
Balloon slant: @thelittlecraftingcompany ⁠
Charcuterie: @thegrazingcook ⁠
Flowers: @yourstrulydesign_ ⁠
Cake: @samanthacakesnbakes ⁠
Dessert: @hdgtreats
Cocoa bombs: @cocoa_rome ⁠
Custom Grad Cap: @enchantingcraftsbyana ⁠
Lei: @jardindel.eden ⁠
Backdrop: @wondertentparties ⁠
Venue: @santaanitapark ⁠
Backdrop and shelf: @sofestively
Custom champagne bottle: @artbysusieq ⁠

Blue and Gold UCSB Graduation Party

Styled shoot hosts: @sofestively⁠
Event Planner: @inthecloudsevents ⁠
Photography: @midtonestudio ⁠
Signage, Stationary & Gifts: @ladesignboutique ⁠
⁠Balloons: @SySBalloonDesigns⁠
Ice cream cart: @ohwowpaletas ⁠
Floral Centerpieces: @thebloomingvase⁠
Cards, cake and toppers: @confettifiesta⁠
Cake and cupcakes: @Pieceofcakebyangie⁠
Dessert: @hdgtreats⁠
Lei: @jardindel.eden ⁠
Grad Cords: @enchantingcraftsbyana ⁠
Venue: @santaanitapark ⁠
Wood backddrop: @sofestively⁠

Preparing for the Reopening of Schools

As a parent, distance learning with my two sons has not been a walk in the park. I think a lot of parents can agree with me on that. But, after almost one year has passed since schools have been closed in Los Angeles, I have adjusted, just as my kids have, and our home has been our safe haven. I know they are safe and they…. well… pretty much LOVE being at home.

Now, with all the talks about reopening, it has gotten me with all kinds of emotions. First, is it too premature? I hear of schools reopening around the world and having to close again when there is an outbreak. I don’t think any time will be right to be honest. We have been pushed into this new norm and what use to be our comfort zones in daily routines of school and markets and shopping have been thrown into zones less recognizable. On that note, imagine our kids, being safe at home, to go back to school to the same buildings yet everyone masked up, social distancing, tables more far apart, and having to make sure they walk in lines and not against opposing traffic. It is not going back to the school they knew. It is going back to a school that needs healing. It is a new reality that your kids will need to face, hopefully make them stronger, but will also make them feel emotions too.

When the day does come, I just want to make sure my kids and everyone else’s are prepared for the changes. I want them to know that things are different and it’s okay. Things change and we have to adapt. I want them to know things WILL get better slowly and as long as we work together, that we will get through it together. Kids are so resilient but a lot of them still don’t know how to communicate their feelings or even realize what they are feeling. Prepare them, talk about what they should expect when they go back before the day comes, be gentle with them, and check up on them always.

I made these printables because although we are really great about putting up lots of signs now, on the walls, on the floors and anywhere else you can think of, I want these signs to also be reassuring to kids and let them know that there is light at the end of the tunnel just like with any situation they will face in life. I pray for all the kids to go back with joy to see their friends in person and to share quarantine stories. I also pray that there is no division, segregation, or uneducated behaviors towards anyone or any race. If we can teach our kids to treat everyone the same, then we definitely will have a better future to look forward to, in health and in humanity. Stay safe and united everyone.

School COVID Health Safety Signs
School COVID Health Safety Signs

Valentine’s Day Fun for the Kids

To be honest, I was never very into Valentine’s Day. I always thought that the romantic gestures were always so much more appreciated on a regular day than on a day that everyone was celebrating together. However, times have changed after having two boys! They love showering our family with surprises and making love notes for us that THEY have made Valentine’s Day special for us. Who would have predicted that?!?! In any case, I have gotten new found inspiration to create activities and projects for them to enjoy and for us to enjoy as a family. I hope you enjoy them too! These all work for last minute ideas too if you want to just print at home or we can ship to you.

  1. Valentine’s Day Bingo Game – You can select from the printable files or for us to ship them to you!

2. Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Kit Set of 5 – we give you all you need to make special, handmade cards to your loved ones to show them just how much you love them.

3. Love Coupon Book – Your kiddies can make you one of a kind gifts with coupons for free kisses and chores or anything else they can think of. This is also a great adult gift too! You can also choose from the printable or for us to ship to you.

4. Valentine’s Day Activity Sheets – If you are staying in for the holiday, then the kids can have these fun activity sheets that you can easily print out and do!

5. Valentine’s Day Activity Kit – Get all the goodness of the items you see above in one box for the kids! Includes Love Bug Coloring Page, Valentine’s Day Bingo, DIY Greeting Card Kit Set of 5, Valentine’s Day Activity Booklet, and Love Coupon Book.

Photos taken by Penny Love Photography

Lunar New Year Celebration Ideas

Lunar New Year falls on February 12th this year and is less than a month away. I absolutely loved being a part of this styled shoot hosted by So Festively. You can find everything you need in this one spot to make a memorable celebration.

Here are all the must haves you need to have a traditional Lunar New Year celebration:

1. Lunar New Year Decorations with lots of red and can include red scrolls and lanterns.

2. Lunar New Year’s Eve Feast with traditional food including dumplings, longevity noodles, and whole fish and snacks and treats too!

3. Red envelopes and offerings to ancestors

4. Games and fun for the kids

Visit Festively to see everything you need in one spot:

Thank you to all of the amazing vendors that made this:

Shop all our products for Lunar New Year:
Nativity Scene staged at the beautiful Whimsy Pasadena venue

Las Posadas Celebration

Las Posadas is a religious festival celebrated in Latin America, Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Spain and in the United States between December 16 and 24. It commemorates the journey that Joseph and Mary made from Nazareth to Bethlehem in search of a safe place for Mary to give birth to baby Jesus. The word posada means “inn” or “shelter” in Spanish. This Christmas tradition has so much meaning and history and I was so happy to be a part of Festively’s beautiful and colorful celebration.

So happy to share this amazing event with good food, colorful decor, and great company! Please go on by to Festively’s Holiday Guide to find everything you need to


Planner: Dee Lee Designs – @deeleedesigns

Venue: Whimsy Pasadena – @whimsypdna

Catering (Food): Sabor Catering Co – @saborcateringco

Catering (Bunuelas): Buñuelitas – @bunuelitas

Catering (Coffee): La Sirena Cafe –

Decor (small cactus): Portofino International – @portofinointernational

Table runner and mug rugs: Folklore Accessories – @folkloreaccessories

Desserts (Naciemiento cookies): Sweet Life by Sally – @sweet_life_by_sally

Florals and Cactus Plants: Jardin del Eden – @jardindel.eden

Papel Picado: Miss Paper Things – @misspaperthings

Graphic & Prints: La Design Boutique@ladesignboutique

Tableware: Gonz Decorations – @gonz_decorations_inc

Piñata: La Piñata Design Studio – @lapinatadesignstudio

Photographer: L.A. Momma – @l.a.momma

Producer: Festively – @sofestively

Project Manager: In the Clouds Events – @inthecloudsevents

The 10 Best Holiday Traditions for the Family

Every year I love continuing holiday traditions with my family but also finding new ones. I wanted to share some oldies and goodies but also new ones that my mommy friends have shared with me.

  1. Advent Calendars – I go with framed ones that don’t give you a cavity and also can be used and reused. These framed ones are stylish and you can also use them as a calendar for upcoming events and writing down good deeds or things to be grateful for.

2. Gingerbread House and Cookie Kits – My kids love doing these! Even my older kids and now they have so many different types and themes.

Here are a couple of my favorite:

An entire Gingerbread House and Mini Village Kit

Candy Land Gingerbread House Kit

Gingerbread Cookie Kit

3. Holiday Scavenger Hunt – I have never done these but they truly have been such a hit since quarantine. I did it for Halloween and my kids had a blast so I am doing it for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

4. Christmas Movie Nights – Always a hit and the fact that the kids don’t have school makes it so much enjoyable when they know they can stay up later. Snack favorites are popcorn and hot chocolate with marshmallows. Their favorite movies are all the Home Alone ones! Needless to say, they are boys. LOL Other goodies are Santa Clause, Miracle on 34th, Jingle All the Way and Christmas Carol.

5. Good deeds – I always like to have the kids pick a toy themselves to donate to the toy drives. We also create little care packages for the homeless that include soap, water, granola bars, nuts, chocolate and a special note.

6. Decorating – Of course the biggest thing is decorating together!

7. Cooking – Since my kids are getting older, I do want to include them more in the cooking of Christmas dinner but also throughout the break and hopefully on a regular basis. I truly believe the kitchen and the dinner table is the most important place to unite.

8. Elf on the Shelf – I actually am late on this and have not tried this! I always felt like I didn’t have time to keep up with it but might give it a try this year. Feel free to share your thoughts on it.

9. Christmas music – Okay I know I am going to get mixed reviews on this one. Some people cringe at the idea of 24/7 holiday music starting on November 1st. I like to start playing the holiday music at Thanksgiving and definitely put it on in the car when we are out and about.

10. Last but not least, a bucket list! The year is coming to an end and I like sitting everyone down and thinking about what we want to do in the new year. It allows the kids to reflect on the year and think about their goals for the new year and hopefully make it a life lesson. Sometimes they will be able to achieve them and sometimes they won’t but the important thing is that we do our best and we make the most of a situation even if it doesn’t go as planned. Make sure to write it all down and post it somewhere so everyone is reminded.

Feel free to share your own traditions! Have a peaceful and joyful holiday everyone!

The Missing Element in Your Decor

Introducing a new wall art kit for those who are looking for a little inspirational, a little pretty, a little fun and a whole lot of style. These 4″x4″ instagram style prints are perfect for any space you are decorating but the possibilities are endless. This would be great in a home office, a bedroom and if you want to create a vision board wall too. 24 motivational cards are included in each package that you can even gift to someone! It could be a beautiful gesture for a friend, a bride-to-be, your wedding party, etc.

Here are a couple ways you can use these motivational cards:

  1. Make a gallery wall and use clips or washi tape to display

2. Frame some and place them on your desk, shelf, or wall

3. Give them to friends just because or with a gift to share some joy and hope

4. Use them as bookmarks or daily reminders

5. Use them in a photo collage like in the first photo or use any of the grid frames as shown below that you can find on Amazon

or put it on a wire grid panel!

The possibilities are endless and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed designing each and everyone of them myself.

Please visit my Etsy shop to purchase it and explore the other designs we have in our shop.

Calling All Kindergarten and Preschool Graduates

Kinder Party Pkg Etsy 2

There is something special and a sort of right of passage when you get to wear that cap and gown and know that you are stepping into a new chapter in your lives. This is huge when you are graduating from high school or college and any higher level of education. But it also starts from when you are little. That bittersweet moment when you see your little, not so little anymore. You want to cry and squeeze them at the same time but are also soooo proud.

Although we can’t have that beautiful ceremony at school with the rest of their classmates, give them and your family something to celebrate. You can remember this day even from home. All it takes is that one paper diploma on it to make them feel so accomplished and throw in a cap to take pictures in and let them toss it in the air. And just for good measure, I am adding in other little fixings if you wanted to make it more special or having a zoom party. You do what makes you feel comfortable and will make your little happy.

I have created a party package that you can easily print in the comforts of your own home or have me ship to you. I hope this makes things a little easier for you.

Diploma Memory Etsy 2

Included in the party package are the following:

1. Graduation Cap Template PDF
2. Kindergarten Diploma Editable PDF
3. Preschool Diploma Editable PDF
4. Kindergarten Memory Milestone Board
5. Preschool Memory Milestone Board
6. DIY “Congrats Grad” Banner with additional Grad Cap Garland Banner cutouts
7. Photo Booth props
8. Best Award Certificate Editable PDF
9. Instructions

From the bottom of my heart, congratulations to all the graduates of the Class of 2020 and may there be many bigger and better things to come your way. You deserve the biggest party ever.

Congrats banner etsy

Visit our Etsy shop now for many printables and designs.

Teacher Appreciation Week – Quarantine Edition

Teacher Appreciation Week 2020 is from May 4th to May 8th and although schools are closed, our teachers are working harder than ever in this new, unexplored territory of distance learning for them too. As a mom, I know I am struggling with homeschooling and balancing work and school with the kiddies at home. I have no idea how teachers are dealing with it when they have to completely rearrange their lesson plans and make sure everyone is on board with them. What I do know is teaching my two monkeys has been demanding and exhausting so I have no idea how teaching an entire class is. I still hope everyone tries to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week and try to do something special for their teachers. For me, I wanted to create something memorable and meaningful. I wanted to have it be a keepsake of this odd time and be like a time capsule. So, I designed a form that any student can fill out highlighting what they love about their teacher, what they miss about school, and what they look forward to when they go back to stay positive. This is an easy, editable pdf file for your convenience or you can print it out and fill out by hand as well. a

I think teachers will appreciate this but it can also be a cute keepsake for kids to look back on. In addition, I created a slideshow/pdf file with a poem I wrote myself for these crazy, stay-at-home times. I had the idea that kids could send a little video message with these printouts if they like being in front of the camera, or just email it. It may be difficult to send anything physically to teachers since we don’t have their addresses but these digital files would be nice to email to them and perhaps include an electronic gift card with.

Hoping all the teachers know how much we appreciate them! Feel free to purchase my Instant Download printables in my Etsy shop! 

You may also like this inspiration typography piece to gift your special teachers!




The Party Must Go On

Virtual Party Etsy

Sometimes things do not go as planned, and right now is definitely the time. I have been planning my son’s birthday for a while. He has been looking forward to it for, well, pretty much since his birthday last year. I had to make the difficult decision to cancel the party, but after thinking about, I realized I don’t have to cancel it. I can still do his party and although everyone can’t be here, I can have them be with us via FaceTime/Skype/Google Hangouts/Zoom, any of those, and everyone we love can still be here on his special day to sing to him and see him blow out his candles. The party must go on! ⁠

Visit our Etsy shop for this easy digital file that you can email or message to everyone and have them still be a part of the celebration. This is the time when we need to celebrate life even more and still keep spirits high for our children.