Meet the Designer


Hi! My name is Anna Quach and I am the Creative Director and owner of La Design Boutique. But more so, think of me as your “personal” graphic designer.  I am here for you for every special moment in your life.  From the moment you get engaged, to the Big Day, to the Baby Shower, to having a baby, and then to those many many…many birthday parties you will be hosting.  Oh wait, let’s not forget about the wall decor you will need to make your home a home and make that nursery oh so adorable! I am your girl!

I hope you like my work and there will be a lot more to come. I have a lot of big plans and hope you will join me for the ride! I love designing to inspire others and to make their visions a reality. To be your personal designer would be an absolute honor to me because that will mean you have let me enter your lives to share in all the beautiful moments to make them even more memorable. I am a work at home mom with two adorable but wild boys. It is from my own experience that I realized my graphic design skills have been a life saver. From baby showers, to baptisms, to birthdays… after birthdays… after birthdays, to pursuing my dreams in this company, to filling my home with sentimental wall art…. this is what life is about and I can be there for you too.