25 Days of Good Deeds Challenge

It’s that time of the year again. Where the holiday music is blasting, the lights are shining everywhere and everyone is in a hustle to go Christmas shopping…. but, there’s also the other side of it too. The other side which I have encountered so much more of this year that leaves me with a heavy heart. I have bumped into so many people who are without jobs, barely getting by on the jobs they do have, homeless, and many that are just very alone in life. It is suppose to be the season of giving but sadly, the unfortunate end up feeling so much more pain and loss.

I talked to my husband and felt awful because I believe I was meant to meet these people for a reason. Not to just turn my backs on them and act like nothing happened. I can give money to the homeless and donate food and clothes to the shelters but it still doesn’t seem like enough. So this is where my challenge comes in and I want all of you to help me in joining and sharing.

Please note that I am not asking you to follow my blog, or to like my page, or to follow me on Social Media, or to subscribe to my email. All I want is for you to do the challenge with me. So here it is:

25 Days of Good Deeds Challenge!

  1. Print my FREE Advent Calendar (link at the bottom of the post) or give a donation by purchasing it on my Etsy shop where all the profits will go to a charity.
  2. Gather with your kids and family and talk about how you will do one good deed for each day of December until Christmas.
  3. Get out there and change lives.
  4. Share this with anyone and everyone!
  5. Hashtag #25daysofgooddeeds and tag @ladesignboutique to share what you are doing and see what others are doing to spread some cheer and love.

That’s it! It might seem hard to think of one thing a day but it really isn’t. And once you start doing it, you may realize it’s pretty easy and something you can carry on through the new year or make it an annual tradition.

But just to get you on the right foot, here are some ideas:

  • give someone a compliment
  • spend time with someone you haven’t seen in a while
  • give someone a hug
  • smile at someone or everyone!
  • share something
  • hold the door open for someone
  • leave a heads up pennies on the sidewalk
  • invite a friend to the house
  • pick up trash on the floor
  • tell a joke
  • say thank you
  • write a christmas card or thank you card to someone
  • give to the poor
  • donate canned foods
  • donate a toy
  • visit your local convalescent home or shelter and see if they need help
  • do something around the house
  • do something for your parents
  • donate blood
  • participate or help out at a marathon or charity
  • go to your church and see if they need any help
  • participate in Operation Christmas Child and donate a shoebox of goodies (refer to Hobby Lobby)

The possibilities are endless and it can be the smallest of gestures that changes someone’s life. But, remember one thing, for every act of kindness you do, you should not expect anything in return. This will be such an important lesson to teach your kids and if I can change the life of one person or family, I have already done my job.

Please, please, please join me in this challenge and spread the word.

Again, if you would like to make a donation to The Charity House of Mother Theresa in Vitulazio, Italy, please click this link here or the button below to be directed to our Etsy shop and make your donation by placing an order for the printables. You will also be given two extra calendars with that purchase for 25 Days of Gratefulness where you can write down everything you are grateful for. Another great lesson and tradition to do with your kids.

Otherwise, the FREE printables are below. Thank you so much for participating in the challenge! Let’s change lives and bring some cheer!

8″x10″ Advent Calendar – Click to download for FREE

11″x14″ Advent Calendar – Click to download for FREE