More Minions Mayhem Party

We got to work on a Minions birthday which only means that it was full of fun, bananas and these crazy little guys. Here are some of the things we did which were a huge hit.

A party never has a beginning without the invitation! These invitations were loved by all the guests with the minions face on the booklet cover and banana envelope liners of course!

Here is the entire backdrop complete with large minions and birthday banner and dessert table.

The cake was customized with, of course, more minions!

Party favors included hostess cakes, and small minions surprises and complete with personalized thank you tags and monograms that say “You are one in a minion”.

And what is a Minino party without the party rules???? I never get sick of seeing this! You will not cry or whine or laugh or giggle or sneeze or burp or fart, no annoying sounds! Haha

More personalized Minions signage include a “Thanks a Minion” sign and “Assemble the Minions, it’s Party time” sign.

And what is any party without photo booth props!!!! These were a blast with the kids and the adults.

Hostesss Twinkie Minions are no brainers and so easy to make and yummy in the tummy too.

And look down below for even more details to satisfy any Minion lover and fan.