Little Mermaid Birthday Party

We got to work on a beautiful Little Mermaid birthday party for a special little girl, Ella, who turned 3. She loves the Little Mermaid and the color purple, so we went with Ariel’s signature red and teal color and added in a glittery purple to the mix.

The invitation was special to us because we tried something new and thought out of the box, or the treasure chest in this case! The invitation featured a scallop shape and was mounted on beautiful purple glitter cardstock. Ariel and the banner were raised as pop-ups to add dimension to the invitation.

Mermaid Invitation

Little Mermaid Birthday Invitation

The biggest hit at the party was the backdrop we created. It featured individual scalloped papers layered onto the wall and topped with a large image of Ariel and her friends and instead of the usual banners we do, we went ahead and cut out each individual letter of “Happy 3rd Birthday Ella” directly onto the backdrop.

Little Mermaid Party

Little Mermaid Birthday Party Backdrop and Banner

We made another backdrop that featured the words “Eat, Drink, Be a Mermaid” and added balloons and draped it with our seashell garlands.

Little Mermaid Birthday Party

Eat, Drink, Be a Mermaid Backdrop

We also made another photo op area with an arched balloon installation which was the main entrance to the party area as well.

Birthday Balloon Installation

Little Mermaid Birthday Balloon Installation and Photo Area

For party favor giveaways, we made tags for bubble wands for the kids. The tags featured the mermaid quote, “Be a mermaid and make some waves”.

Be a mermaid

Mermaid tag for giveaways

Bubble wands party favors

“Be a Mermaid and make some Waves” Bubble wand giveaways

We also designed additional monograms to use for table decor, cupcake toppers and party favors.

Mermaid Party Monograms, Tags, and Toppers

Little Mermaid Party custom monograms and cupcake toppers

Happy Birthday Scallop Monograms

Happy Birthday Scallop Monograms

Last but not least, we made food signs and signage for the party with clever names that related back to the Little Mermaid theme. Click on the images to see a slideshow.

Here are some more photos from the party! We hope you like it as much as us!

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

Treasure Chest for Mermaid Party

Little Mermaid Treasure Chest for utensils, napkins and plates