The Secret to a Party’s Success

We all know how exhausting it can be to plan a party.  Whether you want a big party, an intimate one, lavish or simple, you are aiming to please the guest (s) of honor but also accommodate to your guests as well.  First, it’s about figuring out the location and what’s on the menu. Second, it’s about the decorations and entertainment.  Whichever ranks first to last on your list of priority, it all comes down to details, details, details.

Finding Nemo Second Birthday Party
We have one simple solution that will make a world of difference but not make you grow a bunch of white hairs at the end of the day.  Inevitably, you have to decide the location and menu yourself because no one knows your guests and you more than you.  Entertainment is a toss up depending on the occasion and logistics.  Then, there are decorations.  Decorations set the scene.  It’s the first thing your guests see when they walk in and it’s what they initially talk about and hopefully, if you work with us, what they are still talking about after the party.  And, most importantly, it’s what gets captured on camera for everlasting memories when the party is over and done with.
This is where we come in.  If you don’t have time to run around buying decorations, or can’t find what you want, or don’t even know what you want, we can handle it for you.  It’s one thing to set the amazing food on a table with beautiful platters, but it’s a completely different story when you add personal touches to it that tie the event, the guest of honor and the theme into it.
Mickey Mouse Monograms on Toothpicks
Two main items: banner and monogram toppers.  That’s it.  Simple, affordable, and zero work on your part.  We can design a beautiful banner for you to hang that matches your theme.  But the real secret to a party’s success are the monogram toppers.  A simple design or two or three on toothpicks to stick on any of your food items or decor and your party is instantly personalized.  You can even scatter them on the table, use them on party favors, etc, to add more to your decor.  But that’s it!
Finding Nemo Birthday Banner
Mickey Mouse Birthday Banner
We do have other items that are amazing additions to any party including:
– water bottle labels
– food signs
– place cards
– menu
– program
– activity boards
– signs
– and anything else you can think of
But if you don’t have the time, are on a budget, or just want a fabulous party and need help, then trust us.  Our company encompasses details and designs and from a professional to a valued client, we can get you the perfect party at a very small cost for your wallet and your sanity.  We’ve worked with so many people  and understand what are the biggest issues so we wanted to share this little secret with our clients.
We hope you enjoy our work as much as we love doing it and hope this blog has been helpful.
Finding Nemo Scalloped Monograms on Toothpicks
Mickey Mouse Second Birthday Party
Transportation Themed First Birthday Party
Transportation Themed Monograms for Decor


Read What Customers Have to Say About Us

Thank you to our wonderful customers who take the time to write a review about us.  You have all been a pleasure to work with.

Read our reviews here:

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Butterfly Kisses and Floral Wishes

We had such a great time planning this birthday party with one of the sweetest moms we know.  Her initial vision was to have butterflies and flowers and theme colors of purple, pink and green.  The rest she left it in our hands with full trust and we had so much fun putting it all together.  
Firstly, and most importantly, was setting the scene and ambience with the invitation.  The invitation consisted of all the designs that would be incorporated into the party and enclosed in a pretty lavender envelope.  Personalized return labels were also made to match the invitation. 
One of our most favorite projects were the banners she requested.  She wanted an “I Am 1” banner on her child’s highchair which has really become a trend these days. 
The second banner she wanted was a one through twelve month banner where she could feature a picture of every month of her daughter’s first year.  LOVE!  Normally, parents decide to feature pictures on the invitation or on a poster, but this was a more stylish and fun way to display the pictures.  We glued on pink baby clips so that she could easily attach the pictures to the banner, compliments of
The third banner was, of course, the birthday banner!  Happy Birthday Kate!   

One of the new trendy products we love are mason jars for the guests.  Our client chose the smaller ones and had us personalize labels for all the kids attending the event.  What a great touch to make every kid at the party feel special!  

We also made personalized tags for the party favors that were placed in elegant Organza Pouches that can also be found at

A crowd pleaser was the personalized water bottles that featured Kate’s name and design and also fun Nutrition Facts.

Our designs also included food signs made in folded tent style like place cards.

Thank you again for letting us be a part of your daughter’s special day and hope you look forward to many more milestones for your Kate.

All About Mickey

We got to put together a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party for a two year old and let’s just say that the possibilities are truly endless with Mickey Mouse.  There were so many ideas to choose from and one cuter than the next.  Firstly, we went with the traditional theme colors of black, red and yellow.    
The invitation consisted of Mickey Mouse’s head as the enclosure and the invite in a circular shape.  The design on the invitation was simple since the enclosure was the real attention grabber and we didn’t want too much design work to drown out the picture of Antonio.  This was placed in a beautiful shimmer gold envelope with personalized address labels as well. 
The banner featured a Happy Birthday sign in two clouds with the Disney font followed by the child’s name in Mickey Mouse ears with the Mickey Mouse font.  A red backdrop was our canvas and we added yellow streamers, balloons and cute foil Mickey Mouse decorations we found on Amazon.  
Our table was laid out to feature a picture of the birthday boy in the center along a black runner.  Snacks included spinach artichoke dip with Mickey Mouse bread silhouettes made from cookie cutters.  There were also mini pizzas and baked potato bites that were all dressed with small monograms on toothpicks to tie in the theme.  
Everything had a food sign specially personalized with Mickey ears. 
Desserts included Oreo cookies made into the shape of Mickey Mouse as well as a chocolate cake dressed with figurines and a personalized mini cake banner for the special boy.  A second cake was made in the shape of Mickey Mouse as well and was the perfect ending to a classic yet detailed party.  There were also chocolate cupcakes with Nutella frosting …..

A fruit platter was an easy task and made extra special by simply cutting watermelon into Mickey Mouse shapes.  
Party favors consisted of red chocolate covered hazelnut balls in mini plastic cups turned upside down and wrapped in cellophane and ribbon, and of course with another personalized monogram.  
A second party favor was a transparent, plastic favor box stuffed with candies.  Since the box was clear, we put red with white polka dots tissue paper to tie in the theme colors.  The outside was decorated with another monogram and ribbon.  The best things about these boxes is that they are clear and you really can do anything you want with them and they are big enough to put in any type of favor.   You can purchase these at along with your other party supplies.  
One of our guests’ favorite details was the “I AM 2” banner placed along the high chair which was great for cake pictures.  

We also designed personal napkin rings to add a touch of elegance to the table setting.

One unique thing that we did was design a poster where all the guests had to write one word to describe the birthday boy.  This made for a great activity as well as a special keepsake for the birthday boy.  Once the festivities are over, the parents are going to put all of the Mickey Mouse ears that were written on and include it in the baby’s birthday album to read when he is older.  We love planning parties but it’s icing on the cake when you can keep those memories forever!

Happy Birthday Antonio!  We hope you had a blast with Mickey!

Ready to Pop Baby Shower!

Having a baby? Planning a Baby Shower?  Need a theme?  How about “Ready to Pop”?  We just helped plan a “Ready to Pop” Baby Shower and the possibilities were endless.  The candy station featured all candies that POP or have POP in them including popcorn, pop rocks, lollipops, popcorn, and rice krispies pop.  The decor, signs and tags all had polka dots to go with the theme.  Theme colors were pink, green and brown. 

We even got to design the game cards for the guests including Celebrity Babies, Baby Trivia, Baby Scramble Words, Candy Bars and Nursery Rhymes.

One of our favorite items at a Baby Shower are advice cards where the guests could write what they wanted to the new parents.  

But for our most unique and fresh item?  Baby Shower money!!!  Money was earned by guests when they won any of the games played and answered questions correctly and these monies were used towards prizes at the end of the shower.  These faux money were colorful, featured a girl silhouette, baby carriages, rattles and as a personal, finishing touch – a little phrase congratulating the happy couple as the security line along the side.  Such a great idea! 

It was a fun affair and so many people popped on by to be a part of the celebration. 

Congratulations Kimberly and Mike!

Transportation Themed First Birthday

Tractors and Airplanes and Scooters Oh My!!!!  You never realize how many modes of transportation there is until you design for a transportation-themed party.  The best part is, with so many types of transportation, the design possibilities were endless!  We had so much fun with this party and got to do some new things that we have never done.  We designed transportation cut-outs where guests were able to write notes to the birthday boy on these cute cut-outs.  It was great decor with all the different colors and ended up as a keepsake for baby Antonio to read when he grows up.

The monogram designed for the party featured a red airplane and was used all around the party, from the food and snacks, to the floral centerpieces, to the napkin rings.  The parents wanted a playful banner so instead of anything digitally produced they made their own signs and used crayons instead of markers for a more youthful and playful look.  It also featured an airplane, vespa and a banner flag for Antonio’s name. 

The party had two blue color schemes of powder blue and cobalt blue as well as red.  The floral centerpieces were yellow to give the table setting a pop of color.  They were white flowers in glass jars with slices of lemons and oranges surrounding the interior to give it a refreshing look for this hot summer day. 
The parents wanted it to be a themed party but wanted it to still be simplistic and intimate.  All in all, it was a beautiful family affair with the little bundle of joy as the center of attention.  Happy First Birthday Antonio! 

A Travel-Themed Wedding

We had the pleasure of working with Irene and Erez on their travel themed wedding.  Initially, they were interested in our boarding pass place cards.  As we were in the process of designing, they wanted to also design a custom monogram that featured their own fictional airline company with their wedding colors of blue, red and gold.  Once that was designed and selected, Irene and Erez decided they wanted us to design their programs and menus as well.  Following the theme, we designed passport-styled programs with passport entry and exit stamps on the interior to replicate a true passport.  For the menus, we made them look like in-flight menus that are found on flights. We had so much fun!  
Irene and Erez did a brilliant job in carrying their theme out throughout all aspects of their wedding and were kind enough to share pictures with us.  They had a very detailed and perfectly executed wedding cake that were luggages and included little details like passports, luggage tag, and camera. For their guestbook, they made postcards that coordinated with each destination table name and their monogram where guests wrote on those.  In the end, it became a beautiful keepsake in an album. 
The new trend these days is to have a photo booth, but Irene and Erez created a green screen area where their guests could take pictures and it ended up being their personal airplane boarding in the background!  How smart, fun, and ingenious is that? 
On their beautiful place settings, they had the in-flight menus, a luggage tag party favor, and the postcard to write a note to the couple. The table names were nice and simple with destination city names and complimented well with the centerpiece and table setting.  
All in all, we had such a great time working on their wedding and absolutely loved how it turned out.  Their attention to detail was impeccable and guests surely are still talking about it.
Congratulations Irene and Erez!  Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day! 

Stork Baby Shower Invitation

It’s always nice working on Baby Showers because there always seems to be an indescribable ambience of love and happiness while working on them.  The idea of creating a design for a precious little baby that has yet welcomed him or herself to the world.  It’s magic.  It really is a miracle and we always get so excited for our clients and parents-to-be.  
For this invitation, our parents-to-be asked for a stork with pink, green and brown colors.  They wanted a subtle look that wasn’t too much of one color.  We also designed our signature strip address labels for them to match the invitations and placed in chocolate brown envelopes.  
We are so happy and excited for our couple and are now working on designs for their Baby Shower… FUN!  Stay tuned!  

La Design Boutique is WeddingWire Rated 2012

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Comic Book Style Birthday Invitations

One thing that we love about our job is that we are constantly challenged with new, unique and clever visions that our clients have. Recently, we had to create a birthday invitation for two young adults who were combining their parties but had two diffent themes. Jake wanted his theme to be “Avengers” with the main icons which is totally the hype right now. Kayla wanted her theme to be Parisian, with the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomph, damask designs and purple, gray and white colors. They are two completely different looks and we wanted to make sure we executed both visions, but at the same time, exhibiting both equally and allowing them to blend into one cohesive invitation and style. What do you think? We had so much fun doing it and hope it was a great preview to the fun that was in store! Happy 13th Birthday Kayla and Jake!