Life Happens, We Are Here For You

Change the Date Visual.jpg

There is no denying that these are difficult times and things may not be going to planned. So many of us have had to cancel plans and special events. I know it must be extremely stressful and there are many decisions to make. I want to help where I can and offer a free digital template for you to tell your loved ones about changes. The files below are for any couples who have had to move their wedding. There are two templates: (1) with a new date you can enter and (2) with no new date planned and updates will follow.

Also, if you have ordered digital invitation files from me recently, please feel free to contact me and I can change the date on those as well. May we all stay united and healthy at this time.

Change the Date 5x7

With New Date

Change the Date 5×7 Template

Change the Date 5x7 NO DATE

Update to Follow

Change the Date 5×7 NO DATE Template

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