The Secret to a Party’s Success

We all know how exhausting it can be to plan a party.  Whether you want a big party, an intimate one, lavish or simple, you are aiming to please the guest (s) of honor but also accommodate to your guests as well.  First, it’s about figuring out the location and what’s on the menu. Second, it’s about the decorations and entertainment.  Whichever ranks first to last on your list of priority, it all comes down to details, details, details.

Finding Nemo Second Birthday Party
We have one simple solution that will make a world of difference but not make you grow a bunch of white hairs at the end of the day.  Inevitably, you have to decide the location and menu yourself because no one knows your guests and you more than you.  Entertainment is a toss up depending on the occasion and logistics.  Then, there are decorations.  Decorations set the scene.  It’s the first thing your guests see when they walk in and it’s what they initially talk about and hopefully, if you work with us, what they are still talking about after the party.  And, most importantly, it’s what gets captured on camera for everlasting memories when the party is over and done with.
This is where we come in.  If you don’t have time to run around buying decorations, or can’t find what you want, or don’t even know what you want, we can handle it for you.  It’s one thing to set the amazing food on a table with beautiful platters, but it’s a completely different story when you add personal touches to it that tie the event, the guest of honor and the theme into it.
Mickey Mouse Monograms on Toothpicks
Two main items: banner and monogram toppers.  That’s it.  Simple, affordable, and zero work on your part.  We can design a beautiful banner for you to hang that matches your theme.  But the real secret to a party’s success are the monogram toppers.  A simple design or two or three on toothpicks to stick on any of your food items or decor and your party is instantly personalized.  You can even scatter them on the table, use them on party favors, etc, to add more to your decor.  But that’s it!
Finding Nemo Birthday Banner
Mickey Mouse Birthday Banner
We do have other items that are amazing additions to any party including:
– water bottle labels
– food signs
– place cards
– menu
– program
– activity boards
– signs
– and anything else you can think of
But if you don’t have the time, are on a budget, or just want a fabulous party and need help, then trust us.  Our company encompasses details and designs and from a professional to a valued client, we can get you the perfect party at a very small cost for your wallet and your sanity.  We’ve worked with so many people  and understand what are the biggest issues so we wanted to share this little secret with our clients.
We hope you enjoy our work as much as we love doing it and hope this blog has been helpful.
Finding Nemo Scalloped Monograms on Toothpicks
Mickey Mouse Second Birthday Party
Transportation Themed First Birthday Party
Transportation Themed Monograms for Decor


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