Ready to Pop Baby Shower!

Having a baby? Planning a Baby Shower?  Need a theme?  How about “Ready to Pop”?  We just helped plan a “Ready to Pop” Baby Shower and the possibilities were endless.  The candy station featured all candies that POP or have POP in them including popcorn, pop rocks, lollipops, popcorn, and rice krispies pop.  The decor, signs and tags all had polka dots to go with the theme.  Theme colors were pink, green and brown. 

We even got to design the game cards for the guests including Celebrity Babies, Baby Trivia, Baby Scramble Words, Candy Bars and Nursery Rhymes.

One of our favorite items at a Baby Shower are advice cards where the guests could write what they wanted to the new parents.  

But for our most unique and fresh item?  Baby Shower money!!!  Money was earned by guests when they won any of the games played and answered questions correctly and these monies were used towards prizes at the end of the shower.  These faux money were colorful, featured a girl silhouette, baby carriages, rattles and as a personal, finishing touch – a little phrase congratulating the happy couple as the security line along the side.  Such a great idea! 

It was a fun affair and so many people popped on by to be a part of the celebration. 

Congratulations Kimberly and Mike!

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