Transportation Themed First Birthday

Tractors and Airplanes and Scooters Oh My!!!!  You never realize how many modes of transportation there is until you design for a transportation-themed party.  The best part is, with so many types of transportation, the design possibilities were endless!  We had so much fun with this party and got to do some new things that we have never done.  We designed transportation cut-outs where guests were able to write notes to the birthday boy on these cute cut-outs.  It was great decor with all the different colors and ended up as a keepsake for baby Antonio to read when he grows up.

The monogram designed for the party featured a red airplane and was used all around the party, from the food and snacks, to the floral centerpieces, to the napkin rings.  The parents wanted a playful banner so instead of anything digitally produced they made their own signs and used crayons instead of markers for a more youthful and playful look.  It also featured an airplane, vespa and a banner flag for Antonio’s name. 

The party had two blue color schemes of powder blue and cobalt blue as well as red.  The floral centerpieces were yellow to give the table setting a pop of color.  They were white flowers in glass jars with slices of lemons and oranges surrounding the interior to give it a refreshing look for this hot summer day. 
The parents wanted it to be a themed party but wanted it to still be simplistic and intimate.  All in all, it was a beautiful family affair with the little bundle of joy as the center of attention.  Happy First Birthday Antonio! 

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