Red Egg and Ginger Party Invitations

In Chinese culture, a party is given to the baby at his first month’s birthday. Proud parents take this opportunity to introduce their baby to friends and family by arranging a “Red Egg and Ginger” Party. The reason for the name was that the parents would hand out red-dyed eggs to their guests. Eggs are symbols of life changes and their round shape symbolizes harmony and happiness in life. The eggs are dyed red because this color represents happiness in China. As for ginger, it is a commonly used in Chinese cuisine because it establishes balance in the yin (cold) and yang (warm). Many new mothers use this in their diet to get stronger.

We were lucky enough to get to do an invitation for a Red Egg and Ginger Party and enjoy learning about new cultural traditions and occasions and being able to be a part of them. The possibilities are endless! Do you have a special cultural tradition that you celebrate and need invitations for? We would love to help you.

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