New 2011 Postage Prices for Wedding Invitations

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has recently changed the price of stamps that may affect your Wedding Invitations and/or Save the Date Cards. If you have yet to mail your invitations you should be aware of these new rates. Here’s a list of sizes and prices that have changed effective April 17th, 2011:

• 1st class, 2 oz – $0.64 (previously $0.61)
• 1st class, 2 oz – odd size* – $0.84 (previously $0.81)
• 1st class, 3 oz – $0.84 (previously $0.78)
• 1st class, 3.5 oz – $1.04 (previously $0.95)
• 1st class, 4 oz – $1.48 (previously $1.39)
• Postcards, 1 oz – $.29 (previously $0.28)

First class 1 oz stamps will remain at $0.44

Two New Wedding-Themed Stamps
On April 22nd, the post office released a new wedding-themed Forever® stamp featuring two white roses. While this is only a $0.44 stamp for one-ounce mail it does provide an additional wedding-themed stamp at face value (the rings stamp has been available since 2009) to the list of available choices. The old $0.61 wedding cake stamp is now a $0.64 stamp.

New Forver Stamp$0.44 Wedding Stamp$0.64 Wedding Stamp

Contact us to learn about new ways to save on postage!

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