The Secret to Success: Children at Weddings

Anna Quach, Creative Director of La Design Boutique, came up with this brilliant idea when it came to her wedding. Like many engaged couples, there is always that question about allowing children at a wedding and how things can go wrong. Some decide to put “Adult Reception” to let their guests know to not bring their children, others don’t mind it at all. For Anna, there was no doubt she wanted kids at her Wedding because they were family and believed that children gave more life to any party. However, being the perfectionist she was, she still wanted to ensure there were no “hiccups” when it came to the first dance time, toast time, and any other part of the itinerary that may have required additional cooperation from the youngins.

So she came up with this great idea of Goodie Bags for the kids. It was brilliant and when you think about it, we see it everywhere. At restaurants with kid’s menus and at birthday parties. So why not incorporate them into weddings where you REALLY want to ensure that the kids are happy and pleasant? Of course, this may add another thing to your list, but it can be well worth it. You can also make it easily match your decor.
For example, for Anna’s green and chocolate brown wedding, she bought these chocolate brown paper gift bags and green tissue paper. She then personalized each one on the outside with each of the kids’ names. This was the initial well-thought maneuver to get the kids already in a good mood when they see their names on their bag and feel extra special apart from the rest of the guests. Inside, she added a notepad, coloring book, crayons, stickers and other knick-knacks that the kids would enjoy and stay occupied. The plan worked out perfectly. The kids came in with a good mood, were busy exploring their toys during the first dance and speeches and then were fed. Once they were even slightly tired or bored of the toys, it was dancing time and they, along with the adults, could let loose.
Sounds like a win-win situation to us. What do you think? Try it out! There really is no risk and the parents will surely be touched as well by your gesture and consideration of their kids.

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