Be Kind and Reply by the Date in Mind (Proper GUEST Etiquette)

Now we always talk about all the etiquette rules the Bride and Groom have to follow among the other million things they have to plan and coordinate, but we don’t always hear about guest etiquette. The one thing that is soooo important but many guests don’t realize is RSVP-ing. Guests, there is a date that you need to RSVP by for a reason. Your punctuality in sending in your card determines the number of tables and seats so be set up, the amount of food that will be served, the amount of party favors, menus and other stationary that need to be printed, and most importantly (sometimes one of the most stressful part of planning for a couple) the seating arrangement. The deadline is not written in vain but specifically for all these aspects of making sure the Big Day runs smoothly.

Behind the scenes, there is a huge production being set up and the happy couple do everything they can to send out invitations ahead of time to give you proper time to plan and move things around. If you don’t want to send it back immediately, then put a reminder somewhere as to when you need to send it in by. Whether you use Outlook or a post-it on the fridge, make it a point to remember. Your tardiness catapults a series of events…. The couple will then need to “ballpark” the head count for all the items listed above, the seating arrangements can’t be finalized, and the place cards cannot be done. And to add to all of this, the couple have to take the time to awkwardly call you up and ask you if you are still going to attend and get all the information from you personally.

Also keep in mind that this effects you as well… your tardiness may result in your being seated at a table much farther than you expected. Why? Because the couple have already started arranging seats with the list of guests that have RSVP’ed so the better tables are surely taken already. Now I know you definitely don’t want that. In addition, when filling out the RSVP Card, please make sure you fill it out properly. Please write down the TOTAL number of guests attending and legibly list the full names of EVERY single guest attending. Firstly, you don’t want your name being misspelled on the place cards. Secondly, you don’t want your guest’s name to be anonymous and be known as just your guest or your +1. (Please refer to image above).

I don’t mean to lecture or scold anyone but I think it is important for everyone to understand the situation and proper etiquette. Oftentimes, brides run out to buy actual Etiquette books so they know they are doing everything properly. It would make a world of difference if guests can take it into consideration as well… Believe me, the happy couple truly appreciate this even if they can’t tell you personally.

So, on behalf of every happy and blissful Bride and Groom…. please…. Be Kind and Reply by the Date in Mind.

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