Cinema Themed Wedding

Recently, I had a wonderful and beautiful bride who decided she wanted to do a Cinema-Themed Wedding. This was the first that I have done one, but I thought the idea was brilliant. We immediately brainstormed and came up with so many ideas that worked perfectly with the theme. She featured a candy bar which was both colorful and yummy! Guests were allowed to fill up their “popcorn boxes” with loads of candy.

The one thing I loved was that she made her table numbers the titles of romantic movies they have watched together. There were also DVD giveaways of the movies.

The stationary for the event was quite perfect. Their colors were purple and silver and it just really worked. The envelopments were hand-made and featured a side reel on the front of the invite with the date of the wedding. Below it was a personalize monogram with the couple’s names and a chalk board like the ones they use on movie sets.

The one major hit at the wedding was the “movie ticket stub” place cards for the guests. Everyone was pleasantly surprised and it definitely set the mood for the event. I think that it allowed the couple to have fun with their wedding and also allowed their guests to tap into their love of “date night”. Who can’t relate with the magic of going out to the movies? Everything turned out perfectly and everyone had a great time. Congratulations to our happy couple!

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