Stay Tuned for More Products!

La Design Boutique prides itself in “listening” to our clients…. we want to hear and follow your every thought process to give you exactly what you envisioned. Your Special Day means that for at least once in your lifetime, you have a day that you can get everything you want and dreamed of. We don’t just settle and we will always do everything in our power to make your event unique, special and spectacular.

We have received many requests to see samples for other occasions… Coming soon to La Design Boutique are samples for the following occasions:

– MORE Wedding Samples including Programs and Menus
– Bridal Shower Invitations
– Baby Announcements
– Baby Shower Invitations
– Birthday Invitations
– Quince Anos
– Baptism
– Holy Communion
– Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah
In addition, we have samples in Spanish as well per request!
So… stay tuned for all of these new and exciting samples!
La Design Boutique…“Getting everything you dreamed of, could never be this simple”

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