Thank You Cards Make Grand Gestures

I had the great honor of creating a really touching and adorable Thank You Card. My client wanted to make a Thank You Card as an extremely kind gesture to the staff at her daughter’s school. I have to admit that the entire time I was working on this project I had a huge smile on my face because I got to look at Linzee’s pictures. She is absolutely adorable and precious and I think that even if I just had her picture alone on the card without any designs, it would still be fabulous and cute as ever. However, I sought to do justice to her photos and am happy to have gotten a great response from my client as well as from everyone she gave the card to.

This is the exact reason why I love what I do and am so lucky to get these opportunities… I am able to fulfill my clients’ needs, make them happy, and have the joy of hearing the reactions they get. It is truly rewarding to me and am growing more and more passionate with my work.

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