The "Different" Special Events People Share

Before coming to Italy, I never knew that I actually have two “birthdays”…. One is my actual birthday and the other is called “Onomastico” which is sort of the birthday of the Saint that you were named after…. Fortunately, my parents gave me an “italian” name without even knowing it and I now get to celebrate July 26th… Santa Anna!

Above is a little thing I put together of the flowers that Lino’s sisters gave me and I was just so touched by their gesture and their super sweet card that I just had to take pictures to remember the day that THEY made special for me and would have just been any other ordinary day for me.

This just goes to show you that there is nothing too small or abnormal that can’t be celebrated and be made a memory with images and designs that will last a lifetime! This proves that there is no possible way for me to list all the events and occasions I can design for, because there are some that I am not even aware for… therefore, the sky’s the limits! =)

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